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“When playing the Native American flute I immediately felt the purest and simplest expression of the soul and communion with all of nature, a aud that resonated like a way back home…, for me playing the native flute is a way of to pray!" – Ralph Ashar

the way is inside

We consider these flutes to be true cad instruments of the human spirit. With the correct posture it is possible to reduce mental activity, induce meditative and contemplative states and assist in healing processes of the emotional body. The intuitive music facilitated by these flutes is an authentic expression of the soul.  


The website produces the Native American style flute, preserving the artisanal form, the basic structure of creation, sound and general anatomy, with freedom to innovate. We do constant research to bring the native essence of instruments, honoring traditions and ancestry. The term “Native Flute” used on our website refers to contemporary handcrafted ethnic flutes, created in the hands of artisan Ashar (Ralph). Our flutes are made with love and dedication. Our mission is that more people can benefit from this simple and powerful act of playing the flutes. We have produced more than 2500 flutes and cad flute is unique.

The great differential of the flutes created in the style of the "Native American Flute", is the blowing system with two chambers and in the middle the whistle of the flute is made in a way that does not need to be embo cad ura to make sound, with little training it is possible to improvise, the second differential is the minor pentatonic scale, which facilitates spontaneous musical expression.

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Mystical Scales


Play from the heart; the native flute is a song of the heart… like a sweet prayer, and it will teach you as you teach yourself… Mato Wambli


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flute of harmonics

Abuelos Harmonics Flute – F

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flute of harmonics

Abuelos Harmonics Flute – C

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g bass
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Music is the most profound non-chemical medicine. Oliver Sacks

Flauta Nativa Ashar

Flute Healing I Album

Flute Healing is a Flauta Nativa Ashar musical project recorded with our flutes to inspire peace and bliss! May the sound of the flutes touch your nature like a gentle wind and awaken your sacred space!

Flauta Nativa Ashar
Flauta Nativa Ashar
Flauta Nativa Ashar
Flauta Nativa Ashar 15